John L GreenMr. Green is a Senior Project Manager who attends to the day-to-day operation of an estate on behalf of the Receiver. Mr. Green is particularly effective in contentious situations such as family law where his authoritative nature has proven effective to calm emotions and allow the business or project to move forward. Mr. Green is a retired Battalion Commander with the Los Angeles City Fire Department where he held the position as chief paramedic. Mr. Green also has on-point experience in business and construction – he owned and operated the fuel dock at San Pedro Harbor and has served as the defacto general contractor for the construction of several homes.

At Mosier & Company, Mr. Green has excelled in handling a complex and tough commercial building site in the upper San Fernando Valley that was estimated to be 80% complete. Construction had stopped due to over-budget costs and disputes between the owners, lenders and general contractor. The goal was to preserve and protect the site and maintain the building permits while a foreclosure and sale of the property went forward (in a landmine field of competing interests). Mr. Green also did a commendable job in handling a divorce matter that involved a challenge to divide both personal and real property – the former consisting of thousands of pieces of art glass. With emotions running high, the police were called as one party tried to dupe the other. Mr. Green’s steady hand on the tiller proved effective to cut through the undercurrents and get the job done. Mr. Green is a veteran of the United States Army.