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What We Do

MOSIER & COMPANY, INC. is a crisis management firm that is typically court appointed by State, Federal or Federal Bankruptcy Courts. Our specialty is working with financially-challenged operating companies and complex real estate projects in a variety of capacities. The goal is generally to identify and implement operating and fiscal solutions to resolve the financial crisis.

Another specialty is to resolve shareholder or partner disputes that threaten to disrupt a business or real estate project. In addition to the Court appointments, Mosier & Company accepts Interim Management and Consulting assignments that are outside of the judicial system.

Mission Statement 

To create value for creditors and business owners by facilitating turnarounds, dispute resolutions or dissolutions of financially challenged companies. This is accomplished by:

  • providing sound management practices,
  • restoring fiscal responsibility and integrity,
  • offering extensive turnaround/crisis management experience,
  • employing proven dissolution techniques when necessary and
  • advocating settlement as the best solution when a dispute is an obstacle

Assignments and Titles

Over the past two and one-half decades, Mosier & Company has had a significant role in over 540 assignments awarded by the Courts. Titles for the various appointments include Receiver, Trustee, Examiner, Provisional Director, Referee, Special Master, Independent Fiduciary, Mediator, and Court’s Expert Witness, President and CEO, Chief Responsible Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer, among other designations.

The Team (Our People)

Mosier & Company is a team of seasoned professionals. These include: Robert P. Mosier, founder and President, Craig Marshall Collins, a certified public accountant and former Controller/Chief Financial Officer, Ryan Baker, a senior financial analyst and project manager, and John Green, a senior project manager. Others who have assisted with Mosier & Company projects include Jim LeSieur, a retired community bank president, and Dan Karnowsky, a non-practicing attorney who has served as a State Court Receiver and Bankruptcy Trustee in the Midwest. One individual receives his own special tab for deserved recognition is The Honorable Bruce W. Sumner, Retired Superior Court Judge who played a key role in shaping Mosier & Company as a Court-appointed fiduciary.

Each of these professionals has experience addressing insolvency issues relative to operating companies and real estate projects. We invite you to review the profiles presented in The People menu above..

Performance/Successes   back to top

Mosier & Company’s primary focus is obtaining results. A description of the types of assignments is followed by cases that illustrate the results obtained. Click on Successes to “drill-down” through the types of assignments (Receiver, Trustee etc) and then specific cases/results within each category. These provide good insight into past problems, the defined solutions and most importantly – the results. These span both court and non-court assignments (pure turnaround assignments).

In the final section, you will also find published articles dealing with The History and Profile of a Financially-Troubled Company, and The Consensual Receivership: Improving the Odds for a Successful Remedy as a preferred solution to obtain desired results. We invite you to contact us by e-mail or telephone to discuss the unique aspects of your case and how our experience can assist you.


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