SEC vs. Private Equity Management Group

Federal Court Receiver


  • Alleged Ponzi scheme

  • New dollars pay off maturing investors and fund ongoing operations

  • Eight institutional investors defrauded

  • $1 billion investment


  • Maximize recovery for investors/creditors

  • Sell 50+ assets worldwide

  • Coal mines in China; 880 acres in Costa Rica; Timeshare project in Canada; oil and gas rights in Russia; real properties and notes in US

  • Maximize the value of 275 life policies

  •  Pursue litigation


  • To date $135 million of assets sold

  • 237 life policies transferred to investors with a potential future value of $275 – $335 million

  • Litigation is ongoing

  • Potential recovery: in excess of 40%

Mosier & Company, Inc.

SEC vs. National Financial Systems, Inc.

Federal Court Receiver


  • Alleged Ponzi scheme

  • 100 investors defrauded

  • Mostly pension plans for small companies

  • A high-yield cash fund: insufficient to repay investors; new dollars used to pay off early investors and support operations


  • Maximize recovery for investors

  • Sell notes receivable and real estate

  • Sell untainted pension administration division

  • Pursue litigation


  • Pension administration business sold preserving legal status for dozens of retirement plans

  • Recommend LIFO method of distribution due to poor

  • books and records

  • 42.5% recovery for the investors

  • Two year administration

Mosier & Company, Inc.

IRS vs. A.L. Hargis

Federal Court Receiver


  • Warehouse banking operation where individuals seek to avoid paying income taxes

  • All records destroyed prior to appointment

  • Over 800 participants in the program


  • Recover records

  • Recover and sell assets

  • Pay IRS liens and penalties

  • Reconcile participant accounts


  • Warehouse banking operation shut down

  • Letter provided by a participant leads to recovery of several assets

  • List of participants found

  • Participants advised: change in tax status with potential, retroactive tax liability dating back several years

Mosier & Company, Inc.


State Court Receiver and Provisional Director


  • Dispute between two owners

  • Specialty consulting business

  • Claims and counter claims of abuse and misuse

  • Lawsuits pending: request for dissolution

  • 70 consultants caught in the struggle


  • Separate the two owners

  • Divide the business

  • Arrive at a buyout number for the owner who purchased the main business assets and attributes (location, telephone number, name, web site, etc)


  • Negotiations: settlement reached in 3 months

  • Buyout consisted of cash and note

  • One party started a new, competing company

  • Consultants choose which entity

  • Receiver converted to Provisional Director

  • Oversee implementation of settlement

Mosier & Company, Inc.

W-23 Lofts

State Court Receiver


  • West Hollywood lofts condo project; 12 units

  • 80% completion; stalled, over budget

  • The bank: $9.5 million in the project

  • The cost to complete: another $2 mil/6 months

  • Condo financing required 50% of units to be sold before any financed unit could be closed


  • Get owner cooperation: release guarantees

  • Select a general contractor and sales team

  • Complete construction and then sell the units

  • Obtain all necessary approvals including HOA

  • Price the units to sell but maximize the recovery for the lender


  • Construction completed on time (6 months) and on budget ($2 million)

  • All documents and approvals obtained

  • Initial lackluster broker changed

  • Project sold out in twelve months

  • Lender recovered 66% of its loan amount

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Bellagio of Palmdale

State Court Receiver


  • 12 of 24 units incomplete at 75%

  • The cost to complete: $1.3 million and 6 months

  • Owners cooperative with release of guarantees

  • High desert pricing declined significantly (>50%)


  • Select a general contractor and sales team

  • Complete construction and then sell the units

  • Price the units to sell but maximize the recovery for the lender


  • Construction: on time and on budget

  • Sales lagged expectations

  • Several price reductions

  • Total lapse time: greater than 12 months

  • Lender: recovered $2.7 million plus raw land

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Apartments West of Downtown LA

State Court Receiver


  • Older 12-unit apartment complex

  • Significant deferred maintenance

  • Difficult neighborhood: drugs, prostitution, gangs

  • Default by borrower

  • Several Vacancies


  • Retain on-site Latino-speaking managers

  • Lease out the project and improve security

  • Offer competitive move in specials

  • Resolve City code violations

  • Perform selective maintenance and repair

  • Upgrade rents in improved units


  • All units leased: move-outs replaced timely

  • Install security cameras, lights and new rules

  • Improve grounds and physical appearance

  • Continuous graffiti removal

  • Selectively improved units with move-outs

  • Coordinated a short-sale to get lender paid

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Historic Office Building San Francisco

Federal Court Receiver


  • Owner/manager in default on loan

  • Focus: immediate cash vs. long-term stability

  • 30% vacancy and below market lease rates

  • Deferred maintenance throughout

  • Two of five elevators inoperable

  • City mandated repairs/upgrades

  • Keen interest in the property: age & location


  • Replace management and stabilize the project

  • Improved lease rates and occupancy

  • Address City code deficiencies

  • Upgrade rents in improved units as appropriate

  • Sell the building at the best price

  • Cap rate: $17 million value vs. $41 million loan


  • New on-site management

  • Renovation experience

  • Occupancy improved to 80%

  • Lease rates returning to market

  • National credit-worthy tenant selected for retail space suggesting an improved cap rate

  • Technical problems resolved (elevators)

  • Replaced boilers with city-provided steam

  • Project sold for $35 million; 50% down and an owner-carry note

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Strip Mall West of Downtown LA

State Court Receiver


  • Default on underlying mortgage

  • Owner occupied 30% of the center

  • Owner cut favorable deals with several tenants

  • Deferred maintenance throughout

  • Tenant unrest and revolt

  • Some had stopped paying rent


  • Replace management and stabilize the project

  • Improved lease rates and occupancy

  • Upgrade rents in improved units as appropriate

  • Stop the owner from interfering in the management of the property


  • Locks changed on owner units

  • Tenants resumed paying rent

  • Owner contained and interference limited

  • Project stabilized to facilitate foreclosure

  • Foreclosure completed

Mosier & Company, Inc.

686 Acres: 1,700 Residential Home Sights, Two Golf Courses Antioch, California

State Court Receiver


  • Stalled in the entitlement process

  • Equity in the property

  • Delinquent property taxes

  • Property below the Delta flood level

  • Requirement: a 20-foot high circumference moat

  • Moat requirements: dewater the earth below

  • Dewater options: deep dynamic compaction or over-easy excavation

  • Large upside but huge infrastructure expense


  • Maximize recovery: 832 investors; $15.6million

  • Conventional sales due to complexities of sale

  • Work with the buyer to achieve a final map

  • Deep dynamic compaction (DDC) to dewater

  • Less costly than over-easy excavation option


  • Sold project to Shea Homes

  • $5.6 million (30% recovery)

  • Sale contingent upon obtaining a final map

  • Receiver/Shea got County Planning approvals

  • Neighbors sold on DDC in exchange for a riding trail atop the maot

Mosier & Company, Inc.

1,300 Acre Ahwahnee Golf Course Plus 58 Home-Sites Oakhurst, California

State Court Receiver


  • Golf course underutilized: narrow fairways and incomplete infrastructure

  • Public drive thru traffic created vandalism

  • Home site development stalled: lack of funds


  • Maximize recovery for the 3,018 investors

  • Pursue conventional sales method

  • Complete course infrastructure (cart paths/sprinklers): enhance value

  • Widen selected fairways by tree thinning

  • Extend cart paths throughout

  • Stabilize revenues: course improvements

  • Limit vandalism: increased patrols and cameras


  • Property sold to developer for $4.3 million

  • Progress toward improving golf course

  • Entitlements on home sites preserved

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Roofing Company Plus Large Home and Extravagant Assets Seized in Court-Authorized Raid

Criminal Receivership


  • Roofing contractor accused

  • $45 Million: Worker Compensation fraud

  • Raid on residences and business

  • Arrests and secure assets

  • Determine business viability: owner absent

  • Restitution claims: State; IRS payroll taxes due


  • Value all assets

  • Secure and store all non-depreciating assets

  • Complete roofing jobs were possible

  • Collect accounts receivable without warranties


  • Business seized and eventually wound down

  • A/R collected, some involving litigation

  • Personal assets held pending sentencing

  • Case is on-going

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Judgment Against Defendant Alleged Off-Shore Assets

State Court Receivership


  • Judgment: investor in alleged fraudulent scheme

  • Receiver: aid in execution of the judgment

  • Corporations Commission: requested Receiver

  • Which Receiver had priority over assets?

  • Alleged offshore assets


  • Prioritize the Receiver for judgment creditor

  • Trace and locate assets

  • Liquidate known assets

  • Make recommendations to the Court


  • Business seized and eventually wound down

  • A/R collected, assets sold

  • Challenge by competing receiver defeated

  • Off-shore asset tracing unsuccessful

  • Business owner sentenced to prison in Utah

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Reynolds Building

Receiver in Family Court Sale of Real Property


  • Disputes errupt in 10 year-old divorce

  • Former spouses: no agreements

  • Court orders rental building sold


  • Stabilize tenant relations

  • Address deferred maintenance

  • Maximize value through auction sale


  • Tenant issues resolved/stabilized

  • Deferred maintenance addressed

  • Property auctions for $4.3 million

  • Exceed market comps by $1 million

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Fertility Clinic

Receiver Medical Practice


  • 2 doctors cannot agree on spliting profits

  • Disputes over operation of laboratory

  • Dispute threatens profitability


  • Stabilize the current operations

  • Equitably divide the practice

  • Ensure medical procedures compliance


  • Laboratory and practice stabilized

  • Practice divided

  • Patient records transferred

  • Dispute resolved

Mosier & Company, Inc.

(Ownership Dispute/Litigation)

Court-Appointed Provisional Director (Ownership Dispute/Litigation) $11,000,000 Scrap Metal Processor/Dealer

Situation: This company generated an impressive volume but lost money because of poor controls. The business defaulted on a $1.2 million secured loan. A secured lender sought the appointment of a Receiver to see if the business could be salvaged. Robert P. Mosier was appointed Receiver. Results: Controls were put in place and the business’ cash flow was stabilized. An investor purchased 49% of the stock with an infusion of cash that (1) paid off the secured debt and (2) preserved tax NOL. Duration: 6 months. Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert J. Polis. James McShane, Esq., Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, Counsel for Plaintiff; Gary Torpey, Esq., Counsel for Defendant. Project Coordinator: Craig M. Collins

“Our client was hoping for a solution that would avoid shutting down the company and liquidating the inventory. Mosier & Company gained the confidence of both the lender and the owner as it worked through the solution that got our client paid.”

James McShane, Esquire Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton Counsel for Plaintiff

Receiver: Corporate Dissolution


Court-Appointed Receiver (Dissolution/Refinance) $35,000,000 Wheel Rim Manufacturer and Importer

Situation: The company defaulted on a $11.0 million secured line of credit. The relationship was contentious: the borrower had previously brought an unsuccessful lender liability action. Robert P. Mosier was appointed Receiver pursuant to the default provisions of a Chapter 11 Plan. Results: The Receiver sold unneeded inventory and equipment to pay down the loan. The balance of the note was paid by refinancing other properties owned by the Defendant/Debtor. Duration: 2 years. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. Diane Wayne. Clifford Meyer, Esq., of Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger, Counsel for the Bank, Edythe Bronston, Esq., Counsel for the Receiver.

“This was a difficult case with a history of hot tempers, allegations and even threats. Mosier stuck to the agenda through two years of legal maneuvering and ultimately achieved success.”

Edythe Bronston, Esquire Counsel for the Receiver

(Dissolution through Mediation)

Court-Appointed Receiver (Dissolution through Mediation) $9,000,000 Engineering Firm (Major Public Works)

Situation: The firm was forced to close its doors because of contract disputes on major projects. The firm was current on its $600,000 secured line of credit. Robert P. Mosier was appointed Receiver. Results: Maximized the value of the firm’s FF&E. Collected accounts receivable. Oversaw and settled litigation against several companies that contributed to the firm’s closure. A 99% recovery for the secured creditor, and a release of personal guarantees for the principals. Duration: 2 yrs. Orange County Superior Court Judge Dennis Choate; Camilla Andrews, Esq., of Ivanjack & Lambirth for Secured Lender. Leonard Schulman, Esq., of Marshack & Schulman for the Company.

“By opting for a Dissolution Receiver (vs. Chapter 7), the Bank was able to (1) recommend Mosier and (2) remain a party to the process along with the owners. Mosier & Company manages the wind-down very successfully including facilitating resolution of a major lawsuit through mediation.”

Jim Barks Then Vice President Special Assets Sunwest Bank

Receiver & Examiner:  Settlement

(Taking Control and Settlement)

Court-Appointed Receiver (Family Court) (Taking Control and Settlement) $27,000,000 Pacific Rim Cable Importing Business

Situation: A family-owned business (successfully run by one spouse) was caught up in a divorce. When the other spouse attempted to reassert control, the business declined rapidly. Robert P. Mosier was appointed Receiver. Results: The Receiver selected one spouse to run the business; the other served on the Board with the Receiver. Settlement was achieved by splitting the business: a consumer division to one spouse and the OEM division to the other. Duration: 6 months. Superior Court Commissioner Sheila Fell; Bruce Hughes, Esq. of Hughes & Hughes and Mark S. Lam, Esq. for the Petitioner; Bertrend Cottle, Esq. for the Respondent. Project Coordinator: Craig M. Collins

“The case involved a Taiwanese couple. The language and cultural barriers made it more challenging. Once Mosier took control of the business, and worked with one party without excluding the other, the matter proceeded to settle in a matter of weeks.”

Bruce Hughes, Esquire Hughes & Sullivan Counsel for the Petitioner


5,000 Apartments, 8 Buildings 3 Cities, 2 States

Bankruptcy Court Chapter 11


  • $295 million in securitized debt in default

    $20 million in mezzanine debt in default

    Rehab stopped when Lehman Brothers crashed

    Lehman stopped making rehab payments

    Mechanics liens caused technical default

    Servicer for lender seized cash flow

    Chapter 11 necessary to regain control of cash


  • Resize the securitized debt to $225 million

    Convert mezzanine debt to equity

    Sell the project to generate cash for creditors

    Inject $25 million of new value to complete rehabilitation


  • Plan of reorganization approved in nine months

    Purchaser benefited from the resized debt

    New debt service fit within existing cash flow

    Related professional fees less than $1 million

    Weiland Golden Smiley Wang Ekvall & Strok LLP debtors’ counsel

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Premier Laser Systems, Inc.

President & CEO

Chapter 11 Debtor


  • Operations Ceased and Board resigned

  • Valuable IP aging and losing value


  • Sell remaining intellectual property

  • Sue patent infringers

  • Maximize recovery for creditors


  • Claims reduced: $20 to $6 million

  • Dental Intellectual Property sold

  • Patent infringment suits paid off

  • Creditors paid in full, interest pending

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Moulton Auto Spa

Equity Receiver Retained in Bankruptcy


  • Auto spa defaulted: $2.2 mil note

  • Owner filed BK to stay receivership

  • BK Court retained Receiver: sell spa


  • Stabilize the business operations

  • Bring business into legal compliance

  • Auction auto spa to highest bidder


  • Operations brought into compliance

  • Health and safety violations cured

  • Auction produces $3.4 million price

  • Bank paid in full, surplus estate

Mosier & Company, Inc.

El Toro Materials

Examiner in Bankruptcy Court


  • Gravel Co. produces sludge

  • Cleanup costs exceed $15 million

  • Property owner sues to force cleanup

  • El Toro files BK for protection


  • Confirm magnitude of the cleanup

  • Confirm debtor in full compliance

  • Make recommendations to the Court


  • Cleanup costs verified

  • Debtor has large preferential transfers

  • Debtor refused to repay

  • Chapter 11 Trustee appointed

Mosier & Company, Inc.

$27,000,000 Public Education Company

President & CEO of Chapter 11 Debtor

$27,000,000 Public Education Company

Situation:  In the 5th year of a stalled Chapter 11, the Board of Directors opted to sell/close the seven remaining schools to maximize the recovery for creditors. Robert P. Mosier was retained as President & CEO; Craig Collins served as Executive Vice President.  Results:  4 schools were sold and 3 (with regulatory problems) were closed. Total recovery for the creditors: $6,600,000.  Duration:  2 yrs. L. A. Bankruptcy Judges Lazarow & Ashland. Steve Smith, Esq., of Danning, Gill, Diamond & Kollitz, for Debtor; Fred Neufeld, Esq., of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy for Secured Creditor (Union Bank). Project Coordinator: Craig M. Collins

“…Mosier & Company did an exceptional job … maximizing the value of the assets. Considering the many obstacles overcome, these results clearly exceeded our expectations.”

Jim Hunt Vice President Union Bank [of California]


Executive Vice President of Chapter 11 Debtor(Dissolution) $10,000,000 Private Four Year University

text-decoration: underlineSituation: This 90-year old University ran out of cash and its Board of Trustees opted to liquidate all assets for the benefit of creditors in a Chapter 11. Robert P. Mosier was retained as Executive Vice President; Craig M. Collins served as Assistant Vice President. Results: The University’s building, name, FF&E, student records, library, accounts receivable and other assets were sold at auctions for approximately $3,000,000 to pay creditors. Duration: 1 year. L. A. Bankruptcy Judge Thomas 0. Donovan; Counsel: Michael Lubic, Esq. and Matthew Lesnick, Esq., of Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal LLP for the Debtor. Project Coordinator: Craig M. Collins

“With the University low on cash, it was important to carefully manage the wind-down and liquidate assets quickly. Mosier & Company took charge and got results, including non-monetary issues critical to this non-profit’s mission, like fin cling a home for student records.”

Michael Lubic, Esquire McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen, LLP Counsel for the Debtor

(Valuation and Mediation)

Chapter 11 Examiner (Divorce) (Valuation and Mediation) Construction Business and Real Estate Holdings

Situation: A five-year divorce was consuming a once-flourishing construction business. Disputes abounded regarding values of a dozen real estate holdings including partnership interests. Robert P. Mosier was appointed Examiner. Results: The Court adopted liquidation values for the assets. This set the stage for a protracted mediation before the Honorable Mitchell Goldberg who settled the case at 12:10 AM one Saturday morning following an intense, 3-day mediation. Duration: 9 months. Bankruptcy Judge Mitchell R. Goldberg; Bernard Leckie, Esq. & Lisa Roquemore, of Meserve, Mumper & Hughes, for the Petitioner; Robert Bachman, Esq. & William Brownstein, Esq. for the Respondent. Michael C. Walters, Valuations; Project Coordinator: Craig M. Collins

“This was a five-year war that was going nowhere. Mosier was appointed Examiner to clarify asset values (which were in dispute in the family court). This provided the basis for Judge Goldberg to negotiate a settlement. The plan was subsequently confirmed.”

Robert Bachman, Esquire Counsel for the Debtor 

Litigation Management


Trek Industries, Inc.

Turnaround Receivership Manufacturing Company Situation:

  • Revenue decline 2001 – 2004

  • $17.5 million to $3.5 million

  • Losses: alarming $1 million/year

  • Owners pumping in $100K/month


  • Return company to profitability

  • Sell the business as a going concern

  • Recapture owner loans and investment


  • Revenues increased to $5.5 million

  • Costs cut $1 million (mostly payroll)

  • Business was sold and creditors paid in full

  • Owners repaid loans + investment

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Hasco Oil, Inc.

Provisional Director Family Business Dispute


  • Mother sells oil business to children

  • Mother gets note, 20 year pay out

  • Kids mismanage business, default


  • Stabilize the management

  • Return the business to profitability

  • Reinstate payments on the note


  • Financial controls put in place

  • Management disputes resolved

  • Note payments resume

  • Mother retakes control of the Board

Mosier & Company, Inc.

MC Trust

Probate Trustee Raw Land Entitlement


  • Largest Asset: 30 acres of raw land

  • Current zoning: 1 house per 40 acres

  • 401 neighbors oppose development


  • Turn the neighborhood around

  • Achieve 45 half-acre lot zoning

  • Maximize recovery for heirs


  • Commission approved final map

  • Most neighbors supported the plan

  • Project sold to a nationwide builder

  • Value enhanced: $1 to $3 million

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Shirley's Bagels

Temporary Trustee Probate Court


  • Dispute over living trust provisions

  • Lucrative bagel business declining

  • Four heirs couldn’t agree on anything


  • Turnaround and sell the bagel stores

  • Provide accounting: pasts gifts

  • Maximize remaining assets for heirs


  • Business stabilized, eventually sold

  • Estate tax returns filed; taxes lowered

  • Real estate sold and allocated

  • Prior gifts reconciled; litigation settled

Mosier & Company, Inc.

(Turnaround Project to Avoid Dissolution)

Court-Appointed Receiver (Turnaround Project to Avoid Dissolution) $11,000,000 Computer Main Frame Leasing Company

Situation: This once successful company was sold to a Vice President, and the seller took back a $1.0 million note. The new owner quickly lost financial control of the business and defaulted on a $1.6 million secured line plus the note to the prior owner. The Bank sought the appointment of Robert P. Mosier as Receiver. Results: After stabilizing the company’s cash flow, the Receiver negotiated a settlement where the prior owner returned to management. The secured loan was paid off, and the Bank rewrote a new line of credit. The customer later received the Bank’s “Borrower of the Year” award. Duration: 1 year. Orange County Superior Court Judge. Ronald P. Bauer; Eric Dean, Esq., of Arter & Hadden, Counsel for the Bank. Ed Terreri, Esq., Counsel for the Defendants.

“The Bank was very pleased with the outcome. A bad credit was converted into one of our best customers. Mosier did a characteristically thorough job in bringing about a win/win solution.”

Jim LeSieur Then President, Sunwest Bank


National Investors Financial, Inc.

Class-Action Lawsuit Dissolution Receiver


  • 5,200 elderly investors

  • $110 million in total investment

  • Management pursuing own agenda


  • Settle with management

  • Sell land and sue aiding professionals

  • Maximize recovery for investors


  • Projects sold for $15 million

  • Litigation settled for $15 million

  • 15% to 20% recovery for investors

Mosier & Company, Inc.

Metacor Pension & Profit Sharing Plan

Independent Fiduciary Federal Court Regulatory Action


  • Pension plan cash used to pay operation’s bills

  • Department of Labor sues the fiduciaries

  • Settlement to be implemented


  • Recover assets: several sources

  • Initiate litigation for added recovery

  • Maximize recovery: plan participants


  • Assets recovered pursuant to plan

  • Insurance litigation pursued and settled

  • Plan Participants received 49.9% net

Mosier & Company, Inc.

(Ownership Dispute/Litigation)

Court-Appointed Provisional Director  (Ownership Dispute/Litigation) $7,000,000 Sound System Manufacturer

Situation: Six years ago at the formation of this manufacturing company, the owners never finalized key incorporating documents. A dispute later arose over ownership (the documents showed the minority owner had 0.5%; the minority owner argued that he owned 50% to 60%). Litigation ensued. Robert P. Mosier was appointed Provisional Director. Results>: The Provisional Director stabilized management, and sought instruction from the Court to remove the company from the litigation. After a 3-week trial, the Court awarded 75% of the ownership to the minority owner. Duration: 1 year. Orange County Superior Court Judge Ronald C. Kline. Nick Yocca and Mark Skaist, of Stradling Yocca, Carlson & Rauth, Counsel for the Provisional Director.

“A key issue raised by Mosier was whether the company should be involved in the shareholder dispute. We recommended and the Court agreed, to resolve the ownership dispute first, then address any shareholder derivative actions.”

Mark Skaist, Esquire Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth Counsel for the Provisional Director 

Receiver: Turnaround

(Manage and Defend Litigation)

Agent for the Defendant (Manage and Defend Litigation) $48,000,000 Office Building Mortgage and Lease

Situation: The owners/tenants of two 200,000 sq. ft. office towers in LA wanted to sue themselves to void their leases. The reason was hidden earthquake damage called ‘moment fracture’ with a projected repair cost of $20 million. Robert P. Mosier was retained as the landlord/agent to defend the leases. This unusual action, wherein the tenants of the buildings were suing themselves as owners, was upheld by District Court. Results: After a month-long trial, the Judge ruled conclusively in favor of the landlord/agent thereby sustaining the leases. Duration: 10 Months. JAMS Ret. Superior Court Judge Leon Savitch. Anthony Oliva, Esq. and David Zaro, of Allen Matkins, Leck, Gamble & Mallory, LLP. for the Landlord/Agent. Project Coordinator: Craig M. Collins

Mosier & Company did an impressive job of helping us set the litigation strategy and providing a thorough economic analysis of the leases. The combination of business insight with strong legal argument brought about a decisive victory.”

Tony Oliva Esquire Allen, Malkins, Leck, Gamble & Mallory LLP Counsel for the Landlord/Agen



OC Building Permits Department

Accounting Special Master


  • $18 to $25 million alleged misspent

  • County alleged in violation of GASB


  • Reconstruct revenue and expenses for 4 yrs

  • Determine spending vs. formulas

  • Report findings to the Court


  • County spending lacked justification

  • Future permit fees to be lowered

  • Resignations: all levels of County

Mosier & Company, Inc.

(Partnership Dispute/Buyout)

Court-Appointed Provisional Director (Partnership Dispute/Buyout) Premiere Southern California Developer/Home Builder

Situation: Two partners of a development company were embroiled in a dispute over control. Gridlock ensued, and the company could not sell lots, deal with pending litigation and other key issues. Robert P. Mosier was appointed Provisional Director. Results: The Board set in motion a plan to keep the company moving forward while the litigation proceeded. This provided the framework that allowed counsel to settle the case via a buyout. Duration: 6 months. Orange County Superior Court Judge Randall Wilkinson; Ron Rus, Esq. and Randall Smith, Esq. of Rus, Miliband & Smith, Counsel for Plaintiff; Saul Pinto, Esq. and Mark Erickson, Esq. of Pinto, Gromet, Dubia & Worcester, LLP, Counsel for Defendant.

“The board meetings were emotionally changed and combative. Mosier did an excellent job of keeping the parties focused and working through the issues. This allowed the attorneys to settle the matter.”

Ron Rus, Esquire Rus, Miliband, Williams & Smith Counsel for the Plaintif

(Liquidation versus Going Concern Value)

Consultant to the Board of Directors (Liquidation versus Going Concern Value) $120,000,000 Injection Molding Plastics Company

Situation: A publicly-traded company with cash flow difficulties had an offer to purchase its stock. Certain creditors objected saying that the liquidation of assets would bring more than the sale of the stock. Mosier & Company was retained to advise the Board on the potential recovery from a liquidation. Results: The Mosier & Company analysis concluded that the going concern value was in the best interests of creditors (and employees), and the Board accepted the offer to purchase the stock. Duration: 1 month. Board of Directors Acquisition Committee.  Nick Yocca, Esq., of Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth, Counsel for the Board; Project Coordinator: Craig M. Collins.

“The Board needed a fast but thorough analysis on the cost/benefit of liquidation versus a sale as a going concern. Mosier & Company did an impressive analysis with very little notice. The Board was quite pleased with their contribution.”

Nick Yocca, Esquire Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth Counsel to the Board of Directors

(Voluntary Dissolution)

Consultant to Law Firm Executive Committee (Voluntary Dissolution) Leading Orange County Law Firm

Situation: A leading, Orange County law firm (with over 45 attorneys plus support staff) decided to close. Mosier & Company was retained to assist in the dissolution. Results: Negotiated with key creditors to limit liability. Maximized the value of fixed assets and an extensive law library. Coordinated with counsel to maximize the collection of receivables without damaging attorney/client relationships. Cataloged and distributed 7,000 boxes of records to clients/attorneys. Closed 401-K plan. Filed final tax returns. Distribution of capital account to the partners. Duration: 2 years. Liquidation Committee comprised of four key partners. William Lobel, Esquire of Lobel & Opera: Lease Negotiations; Susan Gentile, Esquire: Accounts Receivable Collection.

“The dissolution was smooth, well organized and surpassed our expectation. Mosier & Company did an excellent job.”

Chris Farley, Esquire Former Member Dissolution Committee