Robert P. MosierRobert P. Mosier is President and Chief Executive Officer of Mosier & Company. His specialty since 1974 has been turnarounds and dissolutions. Since 1985, he has applied these skills as a Court-appointed fiduciary in State and Federal Court and Federal Bankruptcy Court.

Total Court assignments exceed 600 cases in a variety of capacities ranging from President and CEO, Chief Responsible Officer, Receiver, Trustee, Examiner, Examiner with Expanded Powers, and Provisional Director. He has served as the Court’s own Referee, Special Master, and Expert Witness. Projects generally fit into two categories: (a) operating companies or (b) complex real estate projects.

The largest case to date is ongoing – a Federal Court, regulatory receivership for Private Equity Management Group or PEMG – a company alleged to have been running a $1 billion Ponzi scheme. The assets slated for recovery in the Receivership estate exceeded fifty and were located on three continents and included coal mines in China, oceanfront acreage in Costa Rica, timeshare interests in Vancouver BC (plus Hawaii and Napa, Ca), oil and gas interests in Russia in addition to multiple real estate projects and loans to operating companies in the US. The most notable was a historic sixteen story, 140,000 square foot office building in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. One of the more unique PEMG assets was a portfolio of life insurance policies worth an estimated $275 to $335 million over time. Long-term, recovery for the defrauded investors is expected to top 30%.

Mr. Mosier has also served as a court-approved President & CEO of two Chapter 11 Debtors: (1) United Education & Software – a one-time $100 million, publicly traded company specializing in proprietary education and (2) Premier Laser Systems, Inc., a one-time $200 million market cap company specializing in laser applications in a variety of medical fields. Please see the Case Update Section for a more complete description of these cases and the results.

In the category of State Court Receiverships (the majority of the Court assignments), Mr. Mosier has taken financial control of a variety of operating companies and real estate projects. These generally result from (a) lender defaults, (b) ownership disputes, or (c) judgments obtained by a third party litigant. For operating companies, assignments include turnarounds, dissolutions, and dispute resolutions. On the real estate side, he has disposed of several thousand acres of raw land in various stages of development and some real estate has been further developed in order to improve yields for harmed investors. Management, control and sale of commercial office buildings, warehouse space, strip shopping centers and multifamily housing projects round out this experience. Mr. Mosier has also overseen the build-out of shopping centers, condos, housing developments and luxury homes.

Other Court appointments include Interim Trustee in contested probate matters, provisional Director in corporate disputes where the board of directors is deadlocked, accounting referee to provide the Court and the parties with a neutral accounting, and as special master in cases that do not warrant the appointment of a Receiver.

Education includes post graduate work at Harvard Business School in corporate governance, insolvency, valuation and debt management. Mr. Mosier is an inaugural participant in Pepperdine Law School’s insolvency mediation program that was launched in the mid 1990s. Mr. Mosier earned a Masters Degree from the American Graduate School of International Management and an undergraduate degree in business from Arizona State University.

Mr. Mosier is a member of the National Association of Federal Equity Receivers the focus of which is regulatory receiverships. These deal with companies involved in alleged illegal activities. Additionally, he is Co-Founder of the California Receivers Forum and currently serves as Publisher of Receivership News, a quarterly journal dedicated to improving standards in the receivership community. He is past President of its State Board and has served as the Co-Chair of Loyola I, III and IV – multi day educational programs on the subject of Receiverships co-sponsored by the Receivers Forum and Loyola Law School. Mr. Mosier is a frequent lecturer on the subject of Receivership and insolvency; recent engagements include the Loyola series, the Turnaround Management Association, Bar Associations, the American College of Business Court Judges and Chapman Law School. Mr. Mosier’s published articles include The History and Profile of a Financially Troubled Company and The Consensual Receivership: Improving the Odds for a Financially Successful Remedy.